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Oct 22, 2015

The first public workshop held in Valencia

The first public workshop held in Valencia

Industry members representing Akzo Nobel, Aspapel, Lecta, Smurfit Kappa, and Suministros Industriales de cartón y envases, S.A.U. attended the 1st open workshop of the REFFIBRE project on October 6, 2015

The main aim of the REFFIBRE project is to develop tools, such as paper property and process models, material flow analyses, LCA assessments and economic analyses, to evaluate resource efficient mill concepts. In the workshop, it was heard how paper for recycling and various waste fractions from paper & board mills can be processed into novel bio-based products by various processing routes. An important part of the project is to validate the developed tools with trials and demonstrations with chosen processing technologies such as pyrolysis.

Multi-product paper and board mill concepts change the fiber flows and processing routes at mills. The fiber flow that is of special interest in the REFFIBRE project is paper for recycling (PfR). The impacts of these changes on energy and material savings can be evaluated with the help of resource efficiency indicators. In the project, investment cost and profit evaluations of chosen raw material–processing–product routes have been done.

The changes in paper production, consumption and recycling change the local and global fiber flows and eventually the quality of PfR, which is an important raw material for paper and board production. A major challenge in these balance calculations is to take into account recycling loops. In another presentation, utilization rates and characteristic properties of PfR flows in certain European regions were explored.

The declining market for newsprint and magazine paper is a challenge for papermakers, and mill concept with multiple novel products propose new business opportunities. A presentation on the expectations of a paper producer for the REFFIBRE project was heard.

After the presentations there was a networking session with lunch and discussions between the guests and the project partners.

The agenda and presentations of the seminar are available here:



1 Forsström - Welcome words and overview of Reffibre project

2 Barrio - Actions for paper industry sustainability in Spain

3 Meinl - Fibre flows in Europe and in different European regions

4 Hohenthal - Whole value chain based resource efficiency indicators: their use and development in Reffibre project

5 Bousios - Side stream valorisation and novel products in papermaking from recovered paper

6 Hakala - Economic opportunities calculation and preliminary assessment of one test case

7 Seppänen - Expected benefits of innovative tools implementation for a paper company

The workshop was followed by a project meeting, where the progress of the work packages was presented and discussed. The main topic was to agree on and finalize the plans for the chosen demonstration cases at mills.