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Sep 14, 2016

Over 40 people attended the Final Conference

Over 40 people attended the Final Conference

The final conference held on September 8, 2016, gave an overview of the developments made in the REFFIBRE project.

The REFFIBRE project focused on developing tools and ways to add more value to paper recycling. The three-year project is about to finish in October 2016. Over 40 people participated in the final conference that reviewed the results on how resource efficiency and profitability can be increased in paper and board industry, particularly through this recycling perspective.  The seminar was hosted by Papiertechnische Stiftung PTS in Munich, Germany.

Please find below the agenda and presentation of all the speakers:



1 Forsström – Welcoming words and aims of the REFFIBRE project

2 Tempel – Current quantity and quality of paper for recycling in Europe and some future scenarios

3 Bousios – Turning side streams of paper recycling mills into novel products

4 Meinl – Which parameters characterize the life time of fibers in paper for recycling?

5 Leon, Hohenthal – Allocation of recycling impacts in Life Cycle Analysis of paper products

6 Adriaanse – Potential separation of low value fractions by fractionation or pyrolysis

7 Wikström – Potential use of side streams in composites, presenting demonstrations

8 Hakala – Estimation of economic feasibility of some REFFIBRE test cases

9 Hohenthal – Indicators showing environmental performance of paper/board value chains based on paper for recycling