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Nov 12, 2015

The second public workshop held in Munich

The second public workshop held in Munich

Industry representatives from Central Europe attended the second public REFFIBRE workshop on November 3, 2015.

The second public workshop of the REFFIBRE project was held in Munich on November 3, 2015. The worshop was hosted by PTS. The participants included paper producers, industry associations and paper industry suppliers from Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland. The lively interaction between the participants and the REFFIBRE consortium members was indicative of the industry's interest in the activities carried out within the project. 

Please find below the presentation of all the speakers:



1 Forsström - Welcoming words and aims of the REFFIBRE project

2 Tempel - Prediction of Paper for Recycling quality on a regional level by using fibre flow models

3 Hohenthal - Environmental indicators for paper/board value chains based on paper for recycling

4 Meinl - How does increased filler amount affect properties of graphical and packaging papers? – Modelling studies

5 Retulainen - Main properties of recycled fibres reducing strength of paper – How to measure the strength potential?

6 Schabel - How to estimate the effect of increasing rejects in stock preparation for side stream applications – Process model approach

7 Bousios - Valorisation of side streams and novel products from papermills using paper for recycling

8 Wikström - Potential use of side streams in composites