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May 20, 2014

REFFIBRE meeting in Madrid

REFFIBRE meeting in Madrid

The Reffibre consortium at Holmen Paper Madrid

Second meeting of REFFIBRE was held at Madrid, April 2014

Second meeting of REFFIBRE was held at Madrid, April 2014

This meeting was hosted by Holmen Paper Madrid. Over the course of two full days, the progress of all work packages was presented by their respective work package leaders. Aside from discussing the project, there was also time to visit the paper mill of Holmen Madrid.


Figure 1. Holmen Paper Madrid mill  (left) and pulper at Holmen Paper Madrid mill (right).

The REFFIBRE consortium consists of paper makers, knowledge institutions, technology developers and other organisations in order to cover all needed aspects.

REFFIBRE has started in November 2013. Using parallel tracks, the project develops various tools to cover different parts of the value chain. Once the tools are developed, they are tested by comparing the modelling results of the environmental impact of various innovative concepts with the results from actual demonstration tests. These innovative concepts include fractionation of input materials and production of novel products from side streams. The development of these models and concepts is in good way and during the meeting continuation of this work was made. The meeting has ensured that the focus of all partners are aligned once more within the REFFIBRE project.

The results of this work will be published later in this webpage.