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Jun 15, 2015

REFFIBRE meeting at Utzenstorf

REFFIBRE meeting at Utzenstorf

Modelling the production processes of REFFIBRE industrial partners

The fourth REFFIBRE meeting was held at Utzenstorf, April 2015

The fourth REFFIBRE meeting was held at Utzenstorf Papier in Switzerland, April 15-16, 2015. One year after the meeting at Holmen Madrid, the group was hosted once again by an industrial partner of the project.

As the project is reaching the midpoint of its course, this meeting was of critical importance. It was confirmed that the development of the models has progressed as expected, while the pool of potential demonstration cases has been defined in greater detail in cooperation with the industrial partners. The work is continuing at a high tempo, while the time is coming when the first products of the projects will start becoming publically available in the form of publications and open workshops.