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Jan 14, 2014



Schematic overview of current value chain.

Modeling the Impact of Innovations on the Circular Economy

In order to increase the added value and competitiveness the paper and board industry needs to boost the multi-product paper mill concept by making changes in its production process and mind-set regarding the by-streams. By optimising the use of different material fractions with lower papermaking potential from recycling stream, both material and energy savings of about 20 % each can be achieved for the same functionality of the paper and board products. The leaner products with same functionality can be produced with lower energy consumption due to easier dewatering and drying.

The separated lower quality fractions, and rest streams, can be used for other novel bio-based products. The long-term impacts of the use of waste streams for designing new products have to be taken into account in the total value chain/loop. This transformation towards multi-product mills while using eco-design in the production will enable the paper and packaging production in Europe to remain competitive also in the future.