Contact: Ulla Forsström
Phone: +358-40-8202191
European Union

Co-funded by the European Union

REFFIBRE workshop Valencia

First public workshop within the REFFIBRE project

When Oct 06, 2015
from 09:30 AM to 03:00 PM
Where Valencia

REFFIBRE workshop in Valencia, Spain

Date: October 6, 2015

Venue: Itene, Parque Tecnológico, C/ Albert Einstein, 1. 46980 Paterna, Valencia

Purpose of the workshop

The REFFIBRE project (2013-2016) develops tools for the paper and board industry in order to provide the information needed regarding the impact of new production processes, raw material inputs and product innovations, as well as the influence on the recyclability of the end product. The tools enable papermakers to consider innovations affecting profitability in the value chain. Paper and board are unique products being both the end products as well as the main raw materials for the next cycle thereby creating a circular economy. In order to ensure long-term profitability, the industry needs to focus on resource efficiency and creating innovative products and value out of the streams discarded from the main production line due to resource efficiency reasons.

Using parallel tracks, the project develops various tools to cover different parts of the value chain. Once the tools are developed, they will be tested by comparing the modelling results regarding the environmental impact of various innovative concepts with the results from actual demonstration tests. These innovative concepts include fractionation of input materials and production of novel products from side streams (e.g. bio-oil using pyrolysis).

This workshop aims to show the progress made from the viewpoint of indicators, but at the same time some interesting findings of the project can be reported.



1 Forsström - Welcome words and overview of Reffibre project

2 Barrio - Actions for paper industry sustainability in Spain

3 Meinl - Fibre flows in Europe and in different European regions

4 Bousios - Side stream valorisation and novel products in papermaking from recovered paper

5 Hohenthal - Whole value chain based resource efficiency indicators: their use and development in Reffibre project

6 Hakala - Economic opportunities calculation and preliminary assessment of one test case

7 Seppänen - Expected benefits of innovative tools implementation for a paper company